We have an amazing event planned for this year... thanks to some new sponsors and volunteers.,

This year, as of right now, HP Barrie has a 20 strong photography team. This means we can expand a little on the new initiative that we introduced last year with mobile teams going out to local long term care facilities since the residents cannot come to us.

Telus have kindly donated their training centre to us this year for use as our base location, where we will also have four studio set-ups in operation, together with our make up artists and hairstylists teams. Thanks to the Telus Community Ambassador program for their kind donation to our event, as well as local businesses which will provide complimentary snacks and beverages for the families attending our event.

Our long term sponsor, Michael Keogh (Re-Max Chay Realty) is once again our main sponsor, and has been extremely generous to us. Gibsons Digital kindly sponsored the printing of our posters this year, which are being distributed this week. Local TV channels will also be providing us with coverage over the next few weeks as we build up the momentum for our event.

As mentioned earlier, the Telus training centre is our central location for 2012, it is located within the Bayfield Mall, upstairs, and HP Barrie will run from 9am until 5pm.

The success of our event is not just due to the diligent planning of the event, or the participation of the photographers, mua's and stylists, there are also many other volunteers that play just as important a role as everyone else. Its the team work and team effort from everyone that makes the event possible and the success that it is.

2012 Sponsors include Michael Keogh, PicFoundry,Gibsons Digital,Telus,Coty Cosmetics,L'Oreal,Marvel Beauty Schools,Pearlon,John Linkert,

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