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Aaaaah, that is uba-kewl! Please remember to upload it to the "Other Images" folder in DropBox. Thx

This time ill remember :-) Got quite a few nice ones for "other".

kewl :-)


Presentation of prints at the Villa of Hope [1 Nov]

"That's me, that's me!"


"Your's is here too."


Portrait artist at work.


Smogasboard of portraits


Decorating the portrait

Presentation of portraits - Princess Crossing Informal Settlement [12 Nov]


"Yo, yo, yo......so many photos!"


Filling the floor with smiles


... and another Princess gets her portrait

Story Scarves - Soweto 27 Nov 2011

Mark in Action

Hey Karin and Mark, looks like a great time was had by all out there :-) Thanks for sharing!


Please remember to upload these images to the "Other Images" folder too.

The New Beginnings Centre November 5 2011

Making it look so easy.........


After the shoot.....

Aaah!....what a wonderfully warm and loving pic of Hady in the field: these are the moments that continue to inspire me :-)

Hi Stan. Miss you all. Have been talking about your work to people here and much interest generated. Apologies for delay but should upload all the photos by weekend. Regards.


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