Seattle Event December 10th - Providence Vincent House (at Pike Place Market)

Hey everyone, I am setting up a H-P event for December 10th at Providence Vincent House, and I'm looking for people to help me with this event.


We are looking for people to help in all capacities of the event.  We are in the process of working with the housing residents to determine what the time need is.  I'm expecting it to be like a 4 hour event something like 10-2 with setup and tear down time. 


Providence Vincent House is located above Pike Place Market here in Seattle

Here is a link to Providence Vincent House


I will be updating this help request in the next couple of days with more of the specifics, and I just wanted to get this out there!

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Hey Ernie - will be in touch in the next day!



Hi Henry -

I would love to help with this event. I haven't worked with studio lights in 15 years, so I'm more of an extra pair of hands than anything else at this point. So if there's room for one more, please let me know.




Hi Paul...will do...will be getting in touch in the next day.  Just posted an update H-P



Hey Everyone - Henry here and all I can say is WOW.... 


I've gotten alot of people wanting to help me with this event.  For everyone who has asked to help - I will get back with all of you in the the next day (PROMISE!). 


I'm meeting with the location tomorrow morning to get the prelminary counts and get some shots of the space we will be working in and and then setting up a group WebEx to talk about how the event will work and how everyone will be assigned.


For this event, I'm saying we're full up on volunteers! 


I have been talking with other leaders in the H-P Seattle area, there are more events that will be posted here on the site.

Henry, I dropped you an email a few days ago. I am happy to help out however possible. I can photograph, assist and would also be happy to do any post processing or printing. Let me know what you need from me and I'll be happy to get started.

I'm a photographer in Tacoma, WA. Have lights and other equipment gear. Would love to help.

Will be standing by for more info.

I'm there! Please let me know how I can help. 



Hi Henry - hope I am not too late to help out.

I don't have much photography experience, but will one of these days & I do poke around some.  Do you still need some help??  I live very close to the market.  Terry

I'm new to the area and in Kirkland.  I'd love to help out, even if it's just to be a gofer, although I have some equipment and some familiarity with Aperture.

Are all the volunteer positions filled? The confusing format of this blog has made it a little difficult to follow this discussion. Is there a summary outlining where we are in the planning process so as not to have to read through the full length of the trail? Much appreciated. :-)

Hello!! I would love to help! I don't have much experience with portraits, but willing to do whatever! 


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