Hi everyone,

several of us who have been organising events, for the past 5 years in Seattle, are planning something for the 7th. It's not completely planned yet, but i thought I'd at least start a conversation here to see if there is interest to be involved.

If you are, and you're available to help, please feel free to comment here and we can work on connecting.



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Hi Kate,  I'm available.  I have played multiple roles over the past years.  I can edit, have a printer, can shoot.  Linda  

interested also

Any idea as to where it would be?

I would be interested in helping out, depending on timing and location (currently full-time student at UW in Tacoma and 7 December is the weekend before finals!)

just saw the following on a local Blog in West Seattle.

Hickman House serves women and children who are homeless due to domestic violence. For the past couple years we have had a generous photographer who was willing to take family portraits and donate the prints to each family. We are hoping someone out there in our wonderful West Seattle community is willing to help us out this year!
Thank you!

Hi everyone.

We have a confirmed event in South Seattle, for the afternoon on December 7th. We have much of the team sorted, we need folks who can edit in Lightroom and print on site. Editing will be really light, as we'll light our clients to get the images in camera. Editing will primarily quick tweaks and then sending to print. We'll have 4x6 printers on site. If this is something your very comfortable with, please let me know. Send me a note at info at katehailey.com so that I can provide you more details.

looking forward to hearing from you!

thanks so much!!


Hi everyone,

sorry for the delays here. The event we have on the 7th is fully booked, crew wise. We do of course appreciate your interest!

keep your ear to the ground for other possible events in and around the seattle area.

thanks again,



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