Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

We have big ideas!

In 2009, a few of us orchestrated several events within the Seattle area. Through these events we were able to provide over 300 individuals and families with portraits. When we got together this year, we thought about how we could kick it up a notch, you know, to the next level. We knew of Non-Profit organizations that we wanted to work with, organizations we connected with. We wanted to give more portraits, hopefully impact more lives. We started having conversations, which lead to ideas, some big, some small. We've been working on those smaller ideas, planning on site events in a few locations, but the big idea was still out there, lurking about. 

The big idea:

What we if could find a larger space, invite people to join us there, for a day long event. We have found ourselves in a fortunate situation, access to a larger space, in a central location, the creativeLIVE studio.

On the heels of the Experimental Portraiture Workshop with Jeremy Cowart, we will be hosting an event at the creativeLIVE space on 12/4/10. 

We are reaching out to several organizations, inviting them to join us, throughout the day. We will have several photo booth's setup, a plethora of editors, greeters, and more to make this event a success. 

We are still seeking volunteers,  so if you're interested and haven't gotten in touch with us yet, please check out our Volunteer Survey.

We are going to have a planning meeting with all the volunteers who can join us at Uptown Espresso at 4th Ave and Wall St in Belltown, on Monday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM. 

If you are unable to make the meeting, but still want to be involved the day, you must send us an email so that we can chat about the day of. We will probably do a second meeting the week of the event to finalize details. 

A couple of notes:

You do not have to be a Photographer to be involved, as a matter of fact we will need more Non-Photographers than Photographers. We will need Photographers, Editors, Assistants, Greeters, Administrative Types, and more... 

If you are a Photographer and want to be involved, please include a link to your online portfolio, if you currently only have a Flickr account or something similar, please share a set of your best portraits. 

That's it for now... oh yea... I know I'm forgetting something... 

You might see a familiar face or two if you check this out:

Wait hmmm... I swear, I think there's something else. What could it be?

Oh yea... I know, Jeremy Cowart is going to be there the day of, as part of the Help-Portrait Seattle crew!

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We are so excited for this event!! Just a reminder folks,

We are going to have a planning meeting with all the volunteers who can join us at:
Uptown Espresso at 4th Ave and Wall St in Belltown, on Monday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM.
Hi all,

Sorry for all the changes, but due to the continued snowy weather we are going to move our first meeting for those who can make it to this WEDNESDAY Nov 24th, 7pm at Uptown Espresso.

If you're unable to make it this week (and please don't risk it if it's still icky out) then please plan on attending our last volunteers meeting on MONDAY Nov 29th -- 7-9pm at Uptown Espresso.

If you can't make either meeting but still want to participate on Dec 4th, you'll need to get in touch with us directly. Contact Kate at if this is the case and let her know your availability (both shifts or just am--9-1pm or just pm--2-6pm) and what roles you're willing to take on (photographer, assistant, editor, greeter, etc). If you want to be a photographer please let us know if you have equipment for a photobooth (lights, backdrop, etc) and send along a portfolio if you have one.

This Wednesday's volunteer meeting has been moved to Starbucks in Interbay.

Starbucks - Interbay
1144 Elliott Avenue W
Seattle, WA

Same time - 7pm.
ok I'm new to the help portrait forum and have no idea where the "volunteer survey" is... I am also clueless on how to get signed up as a photographer volunteer. I would LOVE any help anyone can provide in getting signed up. You can email me at or call the studio at 360 568-8052.

Oh and my portfolio images would be at:
or on my FB page:

Hi Kristi!

We'd love to have you participate in our HPS event! You can find the link to the volunteer form on our website here:
direct link:
Also if you can make it to our volunteers meeting this Monday (see post above), I'd strongly encourage it. Thanks!
Thank you so much Maxine!!! lol I knew it had to be somewhere. I will have to double check my schedule for Monday but hopefully it will work out in between (my kids) homework, dinner and basketball practice :0)
Wonderful, we look forward to meeting you! Your work is beautiful by the way! Hope you can make it.
oh thank you so much Maxine. That is so sweet of you. I hope I can make it too! Have a great afternoon!
Hi all, we've postponed our volunteers meeting to tomorrow night due to weather. Same time & place (Uptown Espresso at 7pm). Hope to see you there!
I can't make tomorrow unfortunately... because I'd have to skip out on my own opening reception (
Thanks Maxine. I'll try tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it!


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