Curious what events folks are organizing for 2013! Would love to connect!


Amanda Roth

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I've never organized an event for this, just helped others.  And that through a friend.  Anyone need another photographer or editor?

Hi Amanda,

There is a group of us who are working on plans for something this year, but we haven't sorted out what 2013 might bring. I imagine there would be something happening!

Are there no Seattle events for 2012?

Hi Denise, 

Yep! We're putting one on on 12/1/12. Unfortunately the group we wanted to work with already had an event going on on 12/8 so we moved our date up. We could still use a couple of folks in the editor role if you're available on 12/1/12.  

If are interested please fill out this form:



Hey guys lets get something going for 2013. 

Works for me.  Suggestions?

maybe meet with a few of us in person and set up a plan. i would love to give back with photography

Sounds good.  When & Where?  I'm in Bellevue, with a pretty flexible schedule.

Haha so am i well for work at least but flexible. Anyone else in? 

Looks like it might just be us.  I'll ask a few photographer friends and let's plan something.  When & where are good for you?

I will ask some also. Im good for whenever after 5. Maybe at Cafe Cesura

1015 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 

Any events going on for 12/7/13? Friend and I would like to help out. Thanks.


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