Have people already started planning some 2011 events for the Seattle area?

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Any news on events?  New to the area and in the Kirkland area.  Would love to help, even if it's just running cables or being a gofer.

Possibly the Bellevue area. The date won't be the 10th, since the partnership is with an organization, but I will let you know!

Great! I can do it anyday until the 22th. I'm here on holiday, so I don't any equipment except my camera. Don't have any experience with portraits/lights, but will gladly help anyway I can! My email is: mzarzar@gmail.com in case you want to contact me. Thanx!

I am interested in volunteering at the Jubilee event. This is my first HP event so would love to do some general volunteering (event coordination, greeter, etc) the first time around. I am a photographer and a hairstylists. So i can jump in and assist in those roles if needed. keep me posted! 

Hello!! I have no experience in portraits, but would love to help in any way!! I live in Seattle, but could head to Kirkland, Redmond, or Bellevue. 


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