Hi Denver Group!  Under 2 weeks to go!! 

We still have volunteer time slots available.  If you want to do it- I want you to do it, so just let me know!  Trying to get hour long shifts for people (so a lot of our photographers can shoot).  But nothing is written in stone.  Everything is open at this point so speak up!


This is just a general guide for the day.  It will be flexible and I'm sure it will change.  I'd just like to make certain ahead of time that we have every station covered at any given time.


Notice that there are Station Leaders listed.  Please use them as a point person now and on the day of for coordination and questions.


  • Note- we need volunteers to commit to set up (8:30am-10am) and to break down (4pm- 6pm)  Let me know if you can!


Thank you!

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Hi guys, I'm a photographer and I can photograph the whole day every shift; so 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I am friends with Melissa Hadji and she already told you guys about the time slots that I could photograph in but I just wanted to confirm and restate the times again myself also. Melissa and I are both photography students. I'm excited for the event, can't wait to meet you all and photograph as well!! :)

Hi Joslyn! Good to have you aboard. If there aren't shooting positions would you guys mind helping out as assistants or in other areas? I'm sure we can all rotate around a bit so we all get a chance to do some photography. Will you guys be coming to the meeting for all volunteers: Saturday 12/3 at Panera Bread @ 1350 Grant Street in Denver at 2:30pm?

Hi Tim! 

I have to take one of my pets to the veterinarian tomorrow a.m. and don't have an appointment so I'll have to wait a while.  Depending on how long that takes, I will try and make it to the meeting at Panera tomorrow afternoon. 

I would be more than happy to help out as a photography assistant, too, or wherever else I am needed.

I'm so honored to be a part of Help Portrait Denver and can not wait for Help Portrait Day 2011!!

Sincerely, Melissa

Wonderful. If you can make the meeting that would be great. It isn't mandatory but there is some paperwork that needs to be signed for people to be able to participate in the event and I believe it can be done the day of the event if necessary. We are just trying to get things locked down a bit.

I'll be able to be there from 1:30PM until finish - can help with clean up. I will be bringing my Canon 7D with 3 lenses if you guys have room for me to shoot?? I've posted several places just to see if you guys have room for me still - if you don't, I'm able to do whatever you guys need just let me know please!! Thanks :)

As always bring your gear and if we need you in another spot besides shooting then you can leave it in the car. But your help will be appreciated no matter what time you can arrive!

I too am available all day. I can assist with setup/take down, shooting, assisting, etc.

Canon 7D, few lenses

2 22x28 soft boxes with strobes

Hot show flash

background slave flashes

Great Adam! Bring the gear. If we cannot use it then you can leave it in the car during the event. Would love the assistance in any roll during the day.


Hi Tim, I'm available all day, any time slots. I'd love to shoot and edit, but happy to help where needed. Gear: 5d mark ii, 70-200, macbook pro, Lightroom/psd/Portrait Pro, reflectors. Can fill in to someone's set-up or be available to shoot natural light if there is a window area and you need it.


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