Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

Hi Denver Group!  Under 2 weeks to go!! 

We still have volunteer time slots available.  If you want to do it- I want you to do it, so just let me know!  Trying to get hour long shifts for people (so a lot of our photographers can shoot).  But nothing is written in stone.  Everything is open at this point so speak up!


This is just a general guide for the day.  It will be flexible and I'm sure it will change.  I'd just like to make certain ahead of time that we have every station covered at any given time.


Notice that there are Station Leaders listed.  Please use them as a point person now and on the day of for coordination and questions.


  • Note- we need volunteers to commit to set up (8:30am-10am) and to break down (4pm- 6pm)  Let me know if you can!


Thank you!

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I am available all day and can assist with setup and take down.  Would prefer to shoot, edit and assist.  

Hi James what times slots would you like to shoot, edit, and assist? Will you be bringing any photo gear? 

I can flex around wherever needed thru the the day.  I listed gear in your other post except I forgot to mention I would of course be bringing my camera. ; )

I'll be glad to edit during the 12n-2pm slot I'm not shooting, especially since it looks like we'll have a big group of photographers shooting then!

I am available from 9am till 2pm.  I prefer to photograph or assist photographer.  However, if you need help elsewhere I am happy to do that as well. 


I have lights and background/stands available during this time as well.


Great Marie! I'm the photo lead and am trying to coordinate the setup, breakdown and what equipment will be available as what photographers want to shoot. Would you be willing to leave the gear up until the end of the day? Preferably we would like the background, stands and lights to stay up during the entire day. It just gets too busy with guest and clients around to have a station be taken down and another one put up in its place.


Either way we appreciate your help during the event. What time slots would you like to photograph or assist?

Joslyn Bussow is available all day to be a photographer.  10-4pm every shift.  She is not near a computer all evening so that is why I am responding to this post for her.  Chelsea, Joslyn is going to be emailing you as well.  She has to work this Saturday when we are supposed to fill out the volunteer forms at Panera Bread.  I am probably available from 10-4pm as well.  I am definitely available 10-11, 11-12, 2-3, and 3-4. 

Hi Melissa. My name is Tim and I'm the photographers lead. I'm trying to coordinate the setup and teardown as well as the photographers during the vent. What time slots would Joslyn like to photograph? And will she be bringing backdrops, lights that could be put up in the morning and stay up during the entire event until tear down after 4p?


Also are you going to be helping out or just speaking on her behalf?


Hi Tim.  Joslyn doesn't get on her computer as much as I do so I am speaking on her behalf and she told me I could speak on her behalf to communicate with anyone involved with Help Portrait.  She told me she wants to be a photographer all day for every shift from 10am-4pm on Help Portrait Denver day.  She does not have any backdrops or lighting, but will bring her dSLR.  Joslyn will not be available to help set up or tear down.

  As for me, I am a photographer as well.  I want to sign up to photograph from 10-11, 11-12, 2-3, and 3-4 Help Portrait Denver day.  I don't have any backdrops or lighting either, but I am bringing my dSLR.      I will also not be available to help set up or tear down. 

Both Joslyn and I are photography students.

Melissa/Joslyn - Would you both be open to being photo assistants too? There are a couple hours that are already filled.

Since I'm going to be Station Lead for photographers you might want to remove me from the editors, shooting and print runners. But if that is needed for me to do I will totally do it. I figure my time that day will probably be helping out the photogs and getting guests/clients where they need. I'll be able to setup and tear down that day too. 


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