Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

Hi Help-Portrait Volunteers! We need to know who is attending on December 10th and what photographers are able to bring what equipment! Please post here, email me or post on the Help-Portrait Facebook group... whatever you need to do so we can get a "head count" and an idea of what we will have or need on December 10th!


Thank you!!

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Hi, I'm a photographer and just moved to longmont...I'd love to help; I was part of a help portrait event last year in Louisiana - I can provide a camera (Nikon D80) and a laptop with CS5, if necessary, but would be happy to just move things around and take names if that's what you need. Available all day, just let me know! or

Welcome Brandy and Lisa!  Thank you for finding our group and volunteering!  Please plan to attend the next (and final) group meeting so we can get everyone signed up and get the gear all worked out.  Stay tuned!  Thanks :)

Hi, I'm a photographer and can bring my D700, an alien bee and softbox set-up, SB-600 and SB-800 speedlights, and a laptop with LR3 on it, if needed.  When/where is the next meeting?  I'm excited to volunteer -- this is my first Help Portrait and I am willing to do whatever you need me to do! 

Glad there's a group for Denver!! Couldn't find one the other day so I made a group of my own -- well I'm embarrassed but SOO glad I found you guys!! I can be there by 1:30PM ish if you need me :) I have a Canon 7D with a 50mm f/1.8, 17-40mm f/4.0, and a 28-135mm f/3.5 - no other equipment. I would very much like to help!! And are you in need of any more volunteers besides photographers?? I have a few people willing to participate!!

Hi Chelsea,

I'm a photographer and I have a Canon 5d Mark ii, macbook pro, Lightroom/photoshop/portrait pro and reflectors. I'm available throughout the day at any time, so please plug me in when needed (just let me know when). I notice the schedule has gaps at the beginning and end of the day. I woud be happy, for example, to assist during the middle of the day and shoot when there's extra studio set-up available. I can also shoot in natural light if there's a window area if/when you need more people shooting than sets available.


and a 70-200 lens

Thank you Rebekah. I look forward to seeing you out there on Saturday. I'm working on the schedule and should have it done sometime tomorrow. Lots of people want to be photographers and so I doubt everyone will be able to be one but I'm going to try and work people in. Otherwise there are always guides, print runners, greeters and other positions available. Oh, and if you feel comfortable helping out with with makeup then that might be a place we need help too.

Are there specific times you will be around to help out. I noticed you said middle of the day for assistant but I wasn't sure what times you expect to be at the event.

Hi Tim,

What time would you like me to be there on Saturday? As mentioned, I'm available all day. Please schedule me to shoot and assist at a time that is the most helpful to you. My gear list and specifics are above. I'm a pro portrait shooter if that helps to know. When I'm not shooting, I'm happy to help out in ways most needed. R


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