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Hi Group,

I was referred to Help-Portrait by a friend after telling them about an idea that I have.  I am the Director of Operations at Covenant Kids, Inc.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adoption and foster care agency based in Arlington, TX but serving all of North Texas.  In 2011 and again in 2012 we finalized the adoptions of more than 140 children (each year) who had previously been lingering in the State Foster Care System.

These children come from hard places.  They are the survivors of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation.  Many of them wait in the foster care system for years after the State terminates their parents' rights to parent them.  For all of them, adoption is a time of new beginning.  A point in time to drive down a stake and say, whatever came before is my past and whatever is ahead is my future.  I can think of no better opportunity than this point in time to capture in a portrait.

I am seeking photographers who would be willing to donate portraits to our adoptive families.  While we complete adoptions throughout the year, I was thinking that one or two large events a year might be a cool way to do it.

So there it is, that is my idea.  What are your thoughts?

Shawn Wilson,

Covenant Kids, Inc.

Director of Operations

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I have led a Help-Portrait event the past two years.  Are you still needing assistance with this?  I would like to help coordinate an event for the beginning of December.  Let me know approximately how many children need to be photographed.  I can possibly also have a Santa come take pictures with the children. 


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