Hi All,


Sorry to not get the ball rolling earlier, Help Portrait 2011 is less than 8 weeks away!  We should definitely start organizing some planning meetings.


It's great to hear that we'll have a new event at Moody this year.  I look forward to reaching out to some of our old partner organizations as well- Park Community Church, Breakthrough Ministries, New Moms, etc.  Perhaps we'll expand and find some new sites as well?


I'll look into finding a meeting place today, hopefully we can all get together by this coming weekend.  




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Cool let's have another great event and help people out. Let me know details.
Sounds great! I am really looking forward to this event! - When is the official date...? Excited to get the ball rolling...
Count me in! :) Let me know how i can help...

H-P Chicago, hi

I'm new to the area, living near the NW Loop, and want to get involved with the community. I would love to help with the December 10th  HP event, however I will be out of pocket in November, back December 1st.  I can email, phone etc to stay in connected.  I can hit the ground running when I return-just need to know the plans.  You can see my work at PeteHillPhoto.com. I learned about this event through my Charlottesville VA Meetup Group.

Pete Hill 804-690-1358

Hi all!

I am volunteering at the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago. This organization works with victims and perpetrators of gang violence seeking reconciliation - Youth and mothers who have lost a child because of the violence (Mothers for Peace). I would like to offer this site as a possibility to host a HP event on December. More info about this organization at http://www.pbmr.org or send me an email to jacunag@gmail.com.



Hi Juan,

I grew up in Back of the Yards community and it would be cool if we could help out at your organization. Have you heard from anyone yet?


Hi Alejandra, no, nobody has replied yet. If you are interested we can start making some plans. I already talked with the staff of PBMR and they liked the idea. I think it would be very powerful and meaningful for the mothers having a picture with their kids and also the youngsters.



I agree Juan. It would be something very special and it would really mean something to me to be able to help these women/families from my old neighborhood. Let me see if I can get some of my photography friends interested and maybe pull in some of my old Seward friends into this effort.

Have you ever done an H-P before? This would be my first one.

Thanks Alejandra for your interest and I am sure the people from your old neighborhood will appreciate it . It would be great if we can make this happen. This is my first H-P too. Let´s keep in contact.

I think thats a great idea and i would be up to help out with this

Thanks Tony! we are planning a meeting soon, I will keep you in the loop.

Hello Juan,


My name is Ignacio Alvarez and I am a photographer and photography instructor at Truman College. Can you please let me know more about your plans for the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation? When? Where? and How I can help.


THank you for your time.




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