Hey all we are still looking for help at our location.  Unfortunately we had some scheduling conflicts and most of our original team is not going to be able to help out.


We are going to be a small site (actually stationed at a trailer park) most likely we will have room for two main shooting stations.  For Thanksgiving, Streetwise provided approximately 125 families with turkeys and sides, so we should have a good number of families to serve!)


We currently have one station set to have Reggie Barton as the lead photographer for station one.

I am hoping Dom Stanley and Mark Oxley will be able to help as well one as a photographer the other as a third photographer if room or editor / assistant photographer.

If that is the case we will need:

2 Greeters

2 Runners / Assistant Photographers

2 Editors


I am working on an address for the location at the moment.  Street Wise has also offered for us to meet at their location 1750 Cedars Road – Lawrenceville, GA 30045 then ride to the site following their bus.

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Hey Christian,
Are you going to be able to scope out the shooting location before Saturday a.m. and verify power and cieling height.
What do you need me to bring. As mentioned, I've got four lights, posing stoles and 9' background w/drops.


I think we are going to need everything you have, as you and Reggie are the only confirmed I know with more than SLR's.

As far as power streetwise says their bus has a generator that will power us, so we will need power cords as well. 

I will have to get you an answer on height, since I think we will be in a rental pavilion tent.



Hey Christian,

 I hate to sound so picky, and I know you are probably working very hard to make this event happen, but I have some concerns.  

To be honest, I am worried about using my lighting equipment; backed up by a generator; while shooting outdoors.

 The predicted high for Saturday is only 54 degrees. And, if the wind is close to what is is today, it's going to be tough on lights and umbrellas if they blow over.

You mentioned in an earlier note that we were to meet the clients at their "other loation" 1750 Cedars Road – Lawrenceville, GA., and then follow their bus to the shooting location which might be in a tent.  If possible Christian, could we not shoot at the Cedars Rd. location?

Thanks again for all you are doing,




I left a voice mail and emailed the site sponsors and see what they can do for us, you have very valid points.

I did chat with Karen from Journey Ministries and she says the tents do have sides and the sides can be staked down.



We are now able to be in the church that is referenced in the directions / address that I sent out yesterday!

I have not been in the church but it has a sanctuary with a stage and several "large class rooms"

So I think we will be much better off!

Official Site Location as of now... To address Mark's valid concerns we have contacted the president of StreetWise to see what options we have available.

The address is 316 Carter Rd., Auburn, GA.  There is a small church there at
the intersection of Carter Rd. and County Line Rd.  We will set up in the field across the
street from the church.

At the moment we are in the field, we will get power from the generator on the Street Wise Mobile Ministry Bus.

We have four 10 x 10 tents that all have sides that can be staked into the ground. One thought is put all four together and only put sides on the outside walls and set up two stations diagonally from one another.

Who are we serving?

We will be serving under privileged families that need help.  They are all apart of Street Wise's Lawrenceville outreach program.  We may have some families where the members are abused and hiding from x-spouses or abusing partners.

What does StreetWise do?

StreetWise Georgia is a non-profit organization committed to helping people living below the poverty level get the professional help and care they need to rebuild their lives and function independently. We offer a place where people can count on getting the help and support they need. 

Date: December 10th!

Time: 8:00-5:00

Current Plan.

Set-Up  @ 8:00

Test Shoot @ 9:00

First Families @ 9:15 ish

Clean up @ 16:00

Thank you again for helping!


Current Volunteers:
Reggie Barton - Photographer with full set up (lights, backdrops, camera, stools for posing)
Mark Oxley - Photographer
Dennis Tudor - Editor and Photographer (What can you bring? DSLR do you have an editing laptop?)
Christian Harter - Greeter / Runner / what ever...
Karen S. - Greeter / Journey Ministry coordinator

Further clarification needed:
Dominic Stanley (Looking for confirmation of participation.)
Terry and Pat (Street Wise Founders will you be joining us?)
Ashley Jackson - If her school field trip is over soon enough she will come to help.
Terrilyn Banyne (Was one of your second shooters able to make it?

Tables- for Greeting and Signing in.
Stool- for posing
Long Power Cords
Laptop for Editing

I can bring laptop but it's old and a power cord for it.  The laptop is slow however it has a photo editor that's good. 

You are hired to the team if you are available!  For some reason I did not have you on my roster at the moment!

Okay.  I may be a little late because it is far for me, but I'll be there.

Tina if you are up for it we would like to have you join our team.
Will do. See you Saturday.


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