Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

Delowe Village  2380 Delowe Dr Ste 1, East Point, GA 30344

Z. Lynn Vamper

Amy Terrell

David Fisher

Shayna Shipley

Brian Chu

Lindsey Miller

Maureen Atkinson

Will Godfrey

Maureen Atkinson


College Park 2625 Jerome Road, College Park, GA 30349

Barbara Caldwell

Miriam Phields

Charmaine Walker

Samantha Shal


Teri Adams

Chad Corliss


Georgian Hills  1185 Collier Road, Apt 5A, Atlanta GA 30319

Marcus Taylor

Adam Doyle

Veronica Preston

Shelly-Anne Scott

Bryant Gibbons

carrie anderson

Harold Alston

Niki Murphy  

Sandra Platten

Reggie Barton

 Ann Nagle


Wes Brawner

Zachary Long

Susan Rheem

Brenda Kresse

Christopher Bloor

Jan Davenport

Nattawut Guname

Frances aguilar

Suri moonesinghe

JeAnna Damron

Bridgett shepherd


Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Housing Authority

Warren Cameron

Joel Taylor

Dawn Camp

Amanda Summerlin

Jessica Spencer

Lisa Hymel

Brian Garrett

Snay Trivedi

Suri Moonesinghe

Touch a Life Youth Crew


Snellville Mount Zion Baptist Church

Chelsea Bowman/ Wendy Bowman

Santa Claus

Jon Sada

Meghan McFarlin

Ashley Jackson

Koko Hunt

Kevin Geary

Lance Flageolle

Brittany Hancock

Marie Ostensson


Lawrenceville Bus Church

Christian Harter

Dom Stanley

Sam Sith

Reggie Barton

Terrilyn Bayne

Ashley Jackson

Mark Oxley


Woodstock FBC Woodstock

Jessica  Duplantis

Camille Wright Felton

Kevin Voth

Ed Selby

Terri Coward

Randy Kinsey

Daralynn Gilliam

Aubry Canales

Dennis Tudor

Kate Hildreth


Bankhead Hwy  

Richard  Dawson

 Sherry  Dawson

(that fella I was sitting next to this evening)

Felicia Atwell (MacFarland)

Reese Newton

Beth Fountain


Dina Perez/ Alex Arnett Co-leader

N'neka Scruggs

Brian Hadden

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I posted it in an early post, looking for info.  send me email to  I sent an email the other day back to you and the Norcross lead, have not heard anything back.  I now knew the place and the start time but not what I will be doing, so I knew what to bring.

Anybody printing on-site this year ?

@ Jan We have a deal with Costco. They are doing the prints for 50 cent per 8X10.

All sites are free to do what ever they wish, but I think that will be hard to beat.


That's awesome !

Hi All -

I signed up to shoot and be a runner/wrangler/girl friday for the PPR location and I haven't heard anything since.  I just called PPR and they haven't received a confirmation either.

So... I'd like to join another site that has space or needs help.  I live in Smyrna, so a location somewhere on the west/south side of town would be great. 

I don't have much equipment beyond my camera and filters, but can do anything that needs to be done. 

email is 



@ Beth, I have a desperate need for editors in Auburn (close to Dacula/ Lawrenceville area)... Not your side of town, but...


Hi Jim -

Marcus already emailed me about the Collier Rd location (which is close to me).  Nice to be needed.  ;)  I'll see if I can find someone on your side of town to help out. 



      Were you able to get in touch with the young lady I messaged you about yesterday?  Her name is Aislinn R. Bierley. She is from down in Carrollton.

I have plenty of folks at this point and feel she would be better utilized at a site that needed more folks.


Yes, she is scheduled for College Park.



Hi, I just signed up today. Is it too late to participate tomorrow? I'm looking at either the Norcross or Collier Road project.



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