Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.


Things have been a little crazy in a good way however it is time to start discussing the plans for 2012. I am looking for 3 people (minimum, a few more would be great) to help plan this years event. This year there will be a few changes to how we did it teh past 2 years.

First we will be at 2 seperate locations this year and we will be pairing Photogs and Editors together for the day. Almost all photo editors are also photogs , for those who are not no worries we will have plenty to do... :-) The booths will also be much larger - Less photogs in a location w/ more room to create in.

Second, I am going to be contacting someone connected with the schools to discuss how they can fit into this

Third is we are going to include Neptune into the Mix

I also want to do "workshops" for the less experienced photogs especially in the area of posing people, and I want to start early so we can cover a few things.

Last year I was told we got the word out late so this year I want to be ready to hand the invites to the lead people at each organization in October so they can talk it up along with providing posters with the date and place.

Lastly (for this communication at least) I have found a source for a printer we can rent that will kick out 5x7's on site. Comercial quality - there are costs involved so we have to discuss this,,,

 For those who dont know, this event runs me personally approx 600-1000 dollars to pull off between purchasing the insurance rider for the day, rewritable media, and other incidentals. This year I need to find a way to cover a good portion of this, especially as we grow to multiple sites. SO any and all ideas are welcomed.

 As we get ready to begin I say thank you for the last 2 years and I look forward to working with you this year.


Best regards,





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Really looking forward to this year's event! I will have my kids with me this year so you'll have two new recruits to help out where necessary (except that they aren't photos just yet!) I'll be willing to photograph and edit as well. As always, if tents are necessary, I can get them donated. That's about the only connection I have right now. If I find that I have more as we move forward, I'll be sure to let you know. I'll also try to get in touch with Canon again to see if they'd be interested in providing any materials. 


Hello, I participated last year in the Help Portrait event held in Newark, NJ.  I had a great 1st experience and would love to participate again this year. Are you still looking for volunteers?  What is the date of your event?  I have an hp photo printer (needs ink) and some photo paper.  I have my own DSLR, external flash & tripod.  The guy I worked with last year raised funds through his page for his event.


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