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Hi everyone! I have a friend who is a wonderful outdoor portrait photographer and would really like to come be a photog at our event. She doesn't have any indoor equipment and said she'd really only feel comfortable if she used my equipment because she's a little familiar with it.

I know we talked about how each indoor set-up will have probably two photographers to keep clients moving through. If that's the plan, can I encourage Lacey to come and let her work with my backdrops and lighting with me?

If you guys think that will be complicated, just let me know. I'm sure I can talk her into being a general volunteer, I'd just hate for her not to feel comfortable putting her portrait skills to work.

If this won't work, it's totally OK! Just let me know what to tell her! She's super friendly!


Kellie May

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Hi Kellie!


I need someone to go around and take candid photos throughout the event. Would she like to volunteer for that? Have her email or call me 513.202. 4211 or christianes @

Hey Christine - let me talk to her tomorrow!


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