What's up HP community????

So, the corporate HP team is meeting on Tuesday to go over this years plans. What would YOU like for us to address? 

Submit your feedback in the comments below. 



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Running a group of 100 volunteers and 300 guests last year, here in Canada, would have been much easier if we had some way to give charitable receipts to donors. This year we are struggling to cover all our costs and achieve our goals because of this. And, even if we are unable to get charitable status here, it would be great if we could have a paypal account set up to funnel funds through. I do not like people donating money by handing it to me personally, and I think that it makes the whole thing seem less viable and much less professional. When a business wants to donate money to pay for ink, paper, food, etc... it looks a little shady to tell them to write a cheque to a personal individual. If this problem were addressed, we would be in a much better position to be asking for funds and other donations. Last year I heard from you twice, stating that I should wait one or two weeks for information on Canadian groups, and as yet have not had any feedback. Really disappointed with the organization and follow up from your general end.


Tamara Okoti

Help-Portrait Abbotsford, B.C. Organizer

Hi Kyle,

Here are some ideas:

- Donations: Setting up "revolving accounts" where an established group (maybe there is a need to set a standard here) can keep receiving money year-long without the funds being forfeited. I understand that H-P needs some of it for other events, and have no problem with giving a percentage. What I am really trying to do is to extend the fund drive over 12 months instead of just "panic mode".

- Event management tools: Have a H-P organization-sponsored very simple checkin app. Maybe check with somebody like Tracvia or Eventbrite and build something that every event can use. iOS/Android/Web would be ideal.

- Yes, the community pages. What's the final decision on this?

- Printing agreements: enlisting a major printing company who has nationwide presence would be great for starter groups.

Oh, an easy way to get "volunteer credit" from HP. High-School kids are big on this. In some cases, especially for self-employed professionals, this can be used as a deduction of "pro-bono" work.

It would be nice to have a SAM's or Costco affiliation for printing. 

Mark Charbonneau,

Help-Portrait Austin Co-Cordinator.




Thank you for your willingness to put yourself out there to respond to our problems.  I have been trying to get a copy of your nonprofit designation letter from the IRS as many of my donors have asked for it. My first request was July 5 of this year.  Many non-profits simply post it on their website.


I was able to send in a check from a donor last year and get it credited to our account; however, the amount does not show up on the website.  It is fine it doesn't show up, but maybe put an address and how to address the check on the website would be helpful. We are targeting larger companies for donations and they pay by check and require a copy of the letter of non-profit designation. 


We would also like to bundle with other groups in the city or state our donations, so if one group does well, we can give to another group, especially a first time group.  It would be nice to say to our donors that the contribution stays mainly in our region.


Our group also does "mini" events once a quarter to targeted groups (15-60 people, 2 photographers).  It would be great as other suggested that the donations "stay" in our group throughout the year and a percentage goes to H-P. 


For others, we do not print on site; we give an 8x10 within two weeks after the event.  The key is we work with an organization that markets the event, assists with volunteers and handles the disbursement of the photos after the event.  Once we pitch that we are willing to come in and do all the photography work, everyone we have talked to has been more then willing to help on their end.  For printing we normally just cover the costs ourselves and asked local labs for discounts.





Is there anyway you could change the date in the announcement or commercial videos?  I am presenting to the local Arts Council and plan to show the Community Video as part of the discussion.  



Paige, I know what you mean, I just show the video and explain this is with last years numbers. For volunteers, feel free to use our video. If interested I can upload a copy without the bumpers. Next year, if I do not replace the video I can just change the date overlay layer. Link to video Help-Portriat-Austin.

Hope this helps.

Mark Charbonneau

Help-Portrait Austin Co-Cordinator.

Thanks Mark.  I have referred different folks to the videos of previous years.  I appreciate the offer to use your video, but what are bumpers?

Thanks again,

Paige Sayles

When you watch the video you see a host clip (me) announcing the story, and closing the piece at the end. Since this "Head" and "Tail" segment of video encase the story, they are referred to as "bumpers"

Here is the Help-Portrait 2102 Story Video http://vimeo.com/53369717


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