What's up HP community????

So, the corporate HP team is meeting on Tuesday to go over this years plans. What would YOU like for us to address? 

Submit your feedback in the comments below. 



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Would you please change the dates on the forms that can be downloaded? 


Hi Paige. I just reviewed those, so I must be missing something. Can you send me a direct link please? 


The subject release form is dated for the event held last year, so is the Public Notice Signage and a few other forms.  The most important is the release form.


Got it. I'll get those updated this weekend. Thanks Paige!

I left a long note in the forum, offered the use of $100k+ of equipment and my professional photoraphaphy services and since then have not heard a single word. David C. Baker, http://www.retake.com

Hi David,

After reading your post, I looked for your initial note in the forum.  I have to admit I am jealous and wish you lived in rural North Carolina.  I am sure someone from your area will soon contact you.  Good luck!

Hi David. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Given the international nature of our organization, it's not very easy for people to take advantage of your generosity, unless they're within reasonable driving distance to you. We've also found that a lot of photogs already have gear.

What exactly did you have in mind?

Kyle, I wanted to participate as a photographer, first, and have no idea how to do it. Everyone here who participates must have the right heart, but my God, the lack of organization and information is astounding. :) Here I am wanting to participate and have no clue what to do. That's the first thing

The second thing is that there may be great photographers without professional lights who want to use one of my setups, and I was just offering that (for free).

Wish you were in Arizona!

Where are you located? Do you have printers? That is what we are desperately needing. :(


Hi David -  Where are you located? ... We are in Michigan and in need of printers, photographers, stylists, etc. to help out on December 8th ...

Deb - Where in Michigan are you?


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