Printing Suggestions needed and OUR FIRST FUNDRAISER!!!

So we held our first fundraiser for Help-Portrait New Haven (Connecticut) and we were able to collect enough money to support the ink, paper, and a NEW PRINTER!!! YAY!

The question is.. which printer? Last year we had a mix of canons, Eposons (2 workforce and 2C88s) and a few others and none of them were all that reliable. The Canon was slow as molasses and the Epson was very difficult to get consistent color from.

So my question is - if you were to buy a new printer, what would it be? The goal is obviously quality, speed, and portability. We don't care about wireless, touch screen, etc.. Budget is kind of up in the air but nothing more than $300

I am going to follow up with another post on how we fundraised ..

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We bought 3 Canon Pixma iP4820 printers last year. We were very pleased with the quality and speed of them. You can get them now for under $100. I believe there is a newer model of this printer, iP4920 and I think the only thing it add is the ability to print on CDs/DVDs.


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