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How can we check to see if donations are made & how do we access the donations to make purchases?

We have just recently gotten accepted for donation in this area and I have tried to reply on another discussion and by email but I yet to recieve an answer to my questions.  I mentioned people could donate $ in the e-mail I sent out to local volunteers and the community but I have yet to really push it bc I'm not sure how to check if we have any donations & I don't know how to access the $ to use for purchases once we get them.  I also asked in my previous thread and email what are the limitations on spending, any guidelines we need to know, if we need to submit receipts, etc.  Also if we purchase things that is extra or can be used in future Help Portraits what do we do with them. Thanks for the help!!!
Laurie C 

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Great questions!! I am right there with you Laurie!
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!
we have the same question. i just got an email back saying that they are working on this right now and they'll let us know asap. . . just so you know that they haven't forgotten this.
thanks jenny!! i appreciate the message!!
I tried the number and email provided but I have not yet received a response. I spoke with someone who told me Michael was the person I needed to talk with about accessing funds. I'm hoping to hear back soon. This is a crucial part in helping our event.
i know you guys are trying hard to work out all the details but if I could get some kind of response on how we track the funds, access the funds, and spend the funds I would be VERY grateful. I have a meeting tomorrow night with the volunteers and I REALLY don't want to feel like I don't know what I'm talking about concerning the $ part.... it would make me feel VERY unprofessional and kind of like a scam.
anyone heard on this yet?
i have the same question :)
I talked with Michael at the donations office. He said they are putting together an announcement to release tomorrow about how to access the funds.
ahhhhh. thanks so much for the info!!!!
Hey Jenny,

No problem. I believe that you will have to submit vendor information and supplies needed to HP and they will purchase those items with the funds in your account. Then you will notify HP once you receive the supplies. I'm sure there's little more to it but that's what I gathered today from my conversation with Michael.
NO WAY! they're going to purchase EVERY cities stuff? wow. i can't even imagine how that works. wow. alright, well, we'll just see what they say tomorrow.

thanks again.
Yeah, that seems a little crazy to me too.


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