Well well well did we have a scare this morning!  I received an email from one of our volunteers who mentioned that our Sign Up sheet was re-directing to another out-of-state Help Portrait!  So, we checked!  And guess what?  Our entire sheet was gone!  Thankfully Josh Rodriguez was able to retrieve our sign up sheet from the Google Revision History and we now have our sign up sheet back in tact.

In order to avoid this from happening again, we have "locked" down our sign up sheet, and from now on or until we can figure out another method, please contact either me or Josh directly in order to sign up anyone.

My contact info:  Barbara Yasuhara, SIte Manager info@ystudiophotography.com

Josh's info:        Josh Rodriguez, Print Team Leader josh@joshrodriguez.com

Thank you!


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What do you need help with?  I'd be happy to help out.  I can bring a printer and Lightroom if that helps, or I could shoot, or I could just be a dogsbody......



Hi Graham!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support.  We could totally use you in Processing if you have a laptop that you can bring with you that has a fast reader.  The photographers will be shooting RAW, and we could use processors who can download images, process and get them off to print section in a fast efficient way.  As for printers, what we try to do every year is to get "identical" printers that are FAST, I will get more info on the printers, paper and ink soon and share with the group as we progress.

Also, by the looks of the signup sheet for Berkeley, we need volunteers in every section, kindly spread the word, and thanks again for your help!  Much appreciated!

Hi Barbara,

Be careful what you wish for!  I posted to my Meetup group, so you should have a bunch of folks soon.  They may need help, this set of web sites and docs are not the easiest to navigate and they are not all web / IT savvy.  But they are good photographers.  

I can volunteer with a fast laptop, I'm a Lightroom expert and will happily bring camera gear too if others need cameras to use (all Canon gear).

My phone is 415 999 3106 (though I am Oakland based).

YAY!! I am excited.  We are also tweaking the signup sheet a bit, we really need help in Processing and printing.  We also need printers and such, but it will all come together.  As for Processors they will need a Laptop, Lightroom or similiar and a fast card reader.  Thanks so much!!! Cannot wait to see what you've got coming! LOL!  Anything you would like to bring I'd say go for it.  However, photographers know to bring their cameras to plug in I do not recommend you lending your gear for obvious reasons.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Put me down for processing.  Let me know if you need the printer - Epson 3800.


PS I see we have about 5 or 6 signups on the meet up page, you can keep track of it here:


Graham can you sign yourself up on the sign in sheet?  Thanks I am just swamped and I have been known to disturb that sign in sheet LOL!

Graham not sure you got the message but thank goodness we received a set of loaners!!! I am looking forward to meeting you!  

Graham would love to get your help or feedback on some PR for the Oakland Help Portrait this year.


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