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Last year I remember some of the larger places had Chick fil a join with them to help feed those who came in for portraits.  Is there a certain way or person we need to contact to see if they will be doing that again? We are planning to feed 300 and have brainstormed ideas.  So before I started fundraising money for that part I wanted to see if that was a possibility for this area this year.  Thanks so much!!

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Hi Laurie,

First, it'd be hard for anyone to offer advise since you don't state where you live.


Chick-Fil-A is franchised and being so you will need to contact the owners of your local store(s).

They are most of the time very involved in the community and love to get in on things like this.


I am planning on seeing if they will sponsor 500+ meals for our event in Nashville, TN.

gotcha, i'm in Greenville NC. I'll see then!


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