Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

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Please post your ideas for 2012.

I am serious when I say I want this to be a year long endeavor.

Use this thread as a place to throw out some ideas... 

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I was thinking we could have several events throughout the year. I spoke to Jeremy about this and he is on board with the idea.

We need to do more coordinated fundraising. 

Veterans, Single/Battered Mothers (Mothers Day), Sick Children, WHO ELSE?

This will sound bizarre, but one of the charities I have worked with since the first year takes a trip to Nigeria every year. I want to send a team from Atlanta with her. (umm major fundraising needed)

Hi Jim, I'm in complete agreement - would love to see this become more than just an annual event! I've also been looking for ways to get my photo club ( more involved too, and several members have expressed interest in helping out. In fact, my wife is also very interested in helping coordinate an effort like this [and she's outstanding at that sort of thing].


Grayson isn't too far from Loganville either ;)

I agree, we need more fundraising.

In South Africa we run H-P over 3 months leading up to H-P day and we'd be happy to share knowledge/experience on how we have arranged this. Regards, Stanley-Carl


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